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Microsoft Chip In Allows Students To Crowdsource

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I am a student, I enjoy learning and doing what I do but sometimes when you work with computers things break or you need to upgrade and this isn’t always easy. Microsoft has launched a service called Chip In which gives students the ability to register and choose which device they would like to try to fund. The idea of the service is to give students the ability to get new hardware while asking friends and family to throw in a couple bucks to get them started. I have to admit things like this make me feel extremely greedy but I can totally relate to students who can’t afford the latest and greatest.

The funded laptop or tablet comes equipped with Office 365 for university for free as well as 10% of the cost contributed by Microsoft it’s self. The only down side I see to the project is there seems to be no validation weather you are actually a student or not. I was expecting to enter my student ID to prove that I attend my local college in the IT department.

Buy One, Give One

Year Up Help a student get the tools they need. When you buy a PC between now and September first, we will give one to another student to help them realize their back to school dreams as part of the Microsoft YouthSpark initiative.

ChipIn’s closing up shop on September 1. If you fail to hit your funding needs before then, any contributions you did receive will be returned—unless those contributions total $499 or more. If you hit that milestone, you can pick a cheaper Windows device like the Surface RT, or you can chip in the extra cash towards your desired PC.

I have started my own funding project, I am trying to fund a Microsoft Surface tablet in an attempt to expand my own horizons. Programs like this are rare but infinately helpful. Who knows how this will go. If you want to check out my funding page you can go here. If you want to learn more about Chip In and start your own funding project look here.

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