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  The Rikomagic MK12 arrived yesterday morning. I like these devices, Rikomagic has made some interesting stuff in the past like the MK802. This device is like a tiny PC with some pretty... Read More

Raspberry Pi 2
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Out of nowhere we all woke up to some news from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, there was a new Raspberry Pi. This new device comes only a few months after the Model B+ and... Read More

Banana Pi D1 Review
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The Banana Pi D1 is probably the coolest dev board I have received lately. It comes form the Banana Pi folks but it is something all of it’s own. At first I wasn’t... Read More

Banana Pro Review
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So the Banana Pro arrived today. I have been reviewing Banana Pis left, right, and center lately. This Banana Pro is the successor to the Banana Pi, similar to the Banana Pi M2... Read More